Tired of bending over the bathtub or kneeling to clean your dog?  Well, we have the perfect solution.  Waist high dog wash bays that allow you to stand and not bend over to give your dog a bath. We have hand held sprayers that allow you to control the water flow and are temperature controlled so your pet is always comfortable. We have a selection of natural shampoos and conditioners that are tearless, gentle and PH-balanced just for your pet. We also have a Shed Ex Treatment for an additional fee. Don't worry, we have great aprons for you too so you don't get wet! When you're all done, we have super absorbent towels and shammies to dry off your dog. Then it's off to the drying station. Here you will find a professional forced air dryer to make sure your dog is nice and dry before venturing outside.


Self Dog Wash

$   15 - 20



In order to maintain the cleanliness of our facility and protect the health of our other customers we need to enforce a strict policy regarding fleas and ticks.  If your dog has fleas or you suspect your dog might have fleas please come see us before you bring your dog in the shop.  We want to make sure we can get your dog in a tub as quickly as possible and give him the relief he needs but also minimize his contact with our other customers. If your dog has fleas, you will be required to treat your dog with our safe and natural flea bath treatment.

Remember to give others the respect you would want them to give you.